LINQ Session 2-1: Selected Workshop “Education Transformation”

LINQ Session 2-1: Selected Workshop “Education Transformation”

Guiding Holistic Education Transformation: A Framework for Leaders

13th of May 2015 (LINQ Conference day 2): 09:30 – 11:00 in Room Macke/Ernst

Facilitators: Alexa Joyce, Brian Gibson, Kirsten Panton (all: Worldwide Education, Microsoft)


Description of the interactive Workshop Session:

Working with education experts and researchers around the world, Microsoft in Education developed a Transformation Framework as a guide for educators and leaders engaged in holistic education transformation. The 11 critical conversations needed for effective transformation of education systems are the focus of this framework. The framework was validated by over 100 officials from ministries of education and is articulated in a series of papers written by the experts. Each paper presents a global perspective on the topic through the current thinking and evidence from research and practice, as well as showcase examples. Specifically, the papers document the contributions of anytime anywhere approaches to K-12 learning and explore the potential of new technology for transforming learning outcomes for students and their communities.

The goals of the workshop are to overview the framework and its development to date, and to engage participants in dialog about next steps for expanding and improving the framework so it advances education transformation in Europe.

Microsoft in Education Transformation Framework Overview

  • Vision for Anytime Anywhere Learning for All
  • Enabling Transformation with Strategic Planning, Organizational Capacity, and Sustainability
  • Quality Assurance: Monitoring and Evaluation to Inform Practice and Leadership
  • Curriculum, Content, and Assessment for the Real World
  • Personalized Learning for Global Citizens
  • Learning Communities and Support
  • Building Leader and Educator Capacity for Transformation
  • Transforming Learning Environments for Anytime, Anywhere Learning for All
  • Public, Private, and Community Partnerships for Employability


Set-up of the Workshop Session:

  1. Overview of the Holistic Education Transformation Framework, its purpose and uses, including how it was developed with input from Ministry of Education officials [informative]
  2. Highlights of the framework elements, research basis, and applications [informative]
  3. Dialog about needs and opportunities for transformation in European education [interactive]
  4. Conversation about how the framework can be applied and improved for the European context [collaborative]

Our expected outcomes are:

  1. Participants will have tools and resources to guide their education transformation work
  2. Presenters will gain insights and direction on improving the utility of the framework

Materials include the framework papers listed above

Presenters are education, policy, research, and technology experts who work on developing and implementing the framework with leaders around the world.