Call for Workshops

Submissions to the Call for Workshops must use the official LINQ template available here. All submissions to the Call for Workshops have to answer all questions on the template completely.

Does your propsective workshop proposal address one or more of the following conference themes?

  • Vision and needs for change in education through open learning worldwide
  • Strategies and implementations of openness in learning processes
  • Global aspects of high-quality open education
  • Quality indicators and methods to describe, measure and evaluate quality for open education, OER and MOOCs
  • Conceptual contributions on new and innovative quality models, methodologies, standards and approaches for open education and e-learning
  • Practical experiences and reports with implementations of quality approaches for open education
  • Competences required by institutions as well as by learners for designing, practicing and improving the quality of open learning
  • Methodologies for and experience of increased recognition of open learning in formal, non-formal and informal learning, education and training
  • Certification of open education and e-learning in institutions, programs & courses
  • Integrated innovation and quality approaches for opening up education
  • International, national and regional quality projects related to the themes of the conference

Then download the template for workshop submissions now and answer all questions in the template!

Please send your workshop submissions, using the workshop template, via email to by the deadline.

Await acceptance and stay in contact
Thank you for submitting your workshop proposal! We appreciate your scholarship and your interest in LINQ 2015. Your workshop proposal is being reviewed by the International Scientific Programme Committee. You will be informed of your workshop’s acceptance by March 20th, 2014. Would you like to learn more about LINQ while you wait? Join us on Facebook or Twitter and use #LINQ2015 to discuss the upcoming event. Whenever you are ready, please continue to registration. Please note that all workshop organizers and speakers are required to register by March 31st, 2015!

To attend LINQ 2015, please follow the link below to the LINQ registration page. We look forward to welcoming you at LINQ 2015!