Interactive Plenary Discussion: “Open Education”

The Interactive Plenary Discussion on “Open Education” is taking place on the LINQ conference day 2, 13th of May 2015 from 16:00 to 17:00.

It is organized and facilitated by ICORE, the International Community for Open Research and Open Education.


Open Education for Learning Innovations

Input for the Plenary Discussion at LINQ 2015 on Open Education facilitated by ICORE:

Brussels, LINQ 2015 – ICORE, the International Community for Open Research and Open Education initiated the Declaration of Crete: ICORE was pleased to organize and facilitate an interactive Workshop together with the Open Education Consortium (OEC) at the International Conference for Learning Innovations and Quality (LINQ) 2014 on Crete, Greece in May 2014. The ICORE Co-Founder Christian M. Stracke (Germany) and OEC Board Member Ignasi Labastida (Spain) have moderated the workshop session and explored with all participants the question “How to (re-) establish Openness as default?”. The lively discussion was leading to a summary of three statements approved by all participants in consensus and presented and published as Declaration of Crete, demanding openness to be reestablished as the default for all publications to facilitate their educational usage.

The Declaration of Crete adopted at LINQ 2104 is demanding:

  1. Openness should become the default for education and research results.
  2. We should publish a free and open copy in own institutional and use open licenses.
  3. Open publication should not be hindered by questioning the quality that is still important and can be addressed by evaluation through social tagging and referees as well as by adaptation of OERs to what is necessary.


The open questions to be discussed during the interactive plenary discussion at LINQ 2015:

  1. What is required for Open Education next to Open Education Resources (OER)?
  2. How can Open Education contribute to learning innovations?
  3. What is needed for changing and opening up education?


Let us discuss, collect and share our requirements, ideas, good practices and experiences!

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